ESP and Psychic Awareness Series

Success MeditationsExtend Your Perception

Harmonic Ascensions esp series will help awaken and enhance your dormant abilities.

Use ESP to help you make better decisions Bad decisions lead to disappointment, unhappiness, suffering, failure. Good decisions bring success, happiness, respect, love.

Now you can develop and use your natural intuition faculty to detect information that you can use, along with the information you obtain through objective (physical) means, to help you make better decisions. And best of all, you can call on higher intelligence for guidance and support in doing the job you were sent here to do, and fulfilling your mission in life successfully.



This meditation works best with headphones while relaxing or meditating, you can also just play this meditation in the background while working etc. (not while driving) adjust volume to a comfortable level as the tones can get very intense.


Vibronics was designed to enhance your peception of realtiy. Use this meditation with great care it is very powerful.



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Another Great Resource for developing your PSI skills is at