Higher Awareness Meditations

Success MeditationsThe Keys to Unlocking your full potential.

Harmonic Ascensions Higher Awareness series will begin to stretch and exercise your mind to greater potentials of thought, consciousness and living. By using precision frequency technology to empower you from the inside out. Soon you will be able to effortlessly create everything you truly desire!

By raising your frequencies you will begin to notice and create synchronistic events in all areas of your life that will provide the magical golden keys that will open doors. These exciting events will manifest through surprising and unexpected sources, known and unknown.

These meditations will help you to learn to engage all levels of your consciousness into your daily experience and by engaging all levels of your consciousness you will begin to experience the realm of the miraculous, such as healing yourself and others of disease or building a fortune from nothing.

You were born with the biological software to create perfect health and unimaginable wealth it is already inside you. The way to activate that software is to understand, at both the conscious and subconscious level, how your body really works. Your body, mind and spirit communicate through frequencies! You can right now tell your body to resonate a healing and loving frequency and it has to comply. As you learn more and more about yourself and your higher awareness you will begin searching inside yourself for answers, instead of searching for external answers.

It's time to follow your bliss and learn to easily shape your destiny.


This meditation works best with headphones while relaxing or meditating, you can also just play this meditation in the background while working etc. (not while driving) adjust volume to a comfortable level as the tones can get very intense.

Harmonic Ascension Awakened

Listening to "Awakened" you will go though a great awakening in consciousness, your mind will learn a completely new brainwave state. You will also learn how to reach the same state because certain "Triggers" are built into the meditation, you will easily be able to move your mind back into the "Awakened" state just by remembering certain sounds that are built into the soundscape. By using these "Triggers" you will learn to control your frequency and by learning to control your own frequency you will in turn begin to create a reality you desire.

Awakened - Part 1 of Ascension Harmonics

Runtime: 30 Minutes - click to play


Enlightened Ascension

Enlightened Ascension is a high frequency training session that will help you to tap into the higher realms of experience. Once you tap into the higher realms of experience you will begin to look at life with a brand new outlook, one without fear as you will know without a doubt that there is more to this experience that we call life. This session helps you to tap into the superconscious mind by using asymmetry with the intent of keeping the left brain dominant which is good for focus and concentration among other things. While listening to the music just allow yourself to drift away into the soundscape and in no time at all you will be in a highly focused state of higher thought patterns that are frequently used by Shamans, Visionaries and Healers, and most importantly Enjoy yourself!

Enlightened Ascension

Runtime: 30 Minutes - click to play

Harmonic Resonance

Harmonic Resonance (Wealth Harmonics) is a very special meditational brainwave entrainment. It uses the "Schumann Resonance" which refers to the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the earth. Whether by coincidence or not, it also happens to be a very powerful frequency to use with brainwave entrainment.

Some of the benefits of this frequency has been associated with high levels of hypnotizability, meditation, increased HGH levels and cerebral blood flow levels seem to be much higher while this frequency is being stimulated. This session makes an excellent afternoon meditation, and can also be used for sleep induction or general relaxation.

Visualization Suggestion: While listening to this meditation, begin to feel the vibrant life force that is constantly emanating from earth. Picture Earth as a living library where you can access her information with your feelings. Imagine that you have roots of light like a tree's roots that extend deep into the earth and that your roots absorb much need nutrients to survive and be healthy. You can tune into earth past, present and future. Use your imagination and imagine a life filled with ever lasting abundance and wealth, just like planet earth. Become one with the being that has provided you with everything you have ever needed or desired in your physical life, Mother Earth.

Harmonic Resonance

Runtime: 40 Minutes - click to play

Delta Ascension

Delta Ascension will slowly guide your brain down to a Delta state. Use can use this session for a short, restorative nap. It may also be particularly useful for healing, post-surgery recovery or for use with body building (HGH release at Delta).

Delta Brainwaves have traditionally categorized as a state of deep dreamless sleep and have long been associated with healing. While Delta brainwave states usually only occur in deep sleep. Now it is possible to train yourself to remain awake while reaching the Delta state to experience even amazingly deeper levels of meditation and awareness.

The Delta brainwave state corresponds to frequencies from 0Hz to 4Hz. These frequencies are natural, everyday frequencies found in the EEG waveforms of healthy people, and have lead to many interesting and beneficial discoveries.

Simply by listening to Delta Ascension regularly can reward you with many benefits. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to the following: Deep states of attention focusing, Deep Meditation and Balance, Expanded Awareness, Out of body experiences, Open visions and transpersonal experiences, Deeper insight and understanding Gaining a sense of Oneness. Delta Ascension helps to facilitate an overall increase in neuro-psychological function allowing unlimited possibilities in the realm of self improvement. Completely new states of awareness, consciousness and personal evolution will be experienced as a result.

Delta Ascension will help to alleviate stress, promote physical relaxation and allow for highly improved immune system functions. You may experience a spiritual awareness of zen-like oneness and peace with all creation after listening to this meditation for a period of time.


Delta Ascension - Tap In

Runtime: 60 Minutes - click to play

Mystic traveler

While some people are able to astral project anywhere at any time, you will probably need all the peace and quiet that are available to you the first time you attempt to astral travel. I suggest you follow these astral travel techniques in your bedroom, alone, either before falling asleep or just as you wake up. Sometimes it's best to start practicing your astral traveling sessions after you are fully rested that way it will be harder to fall asleep.

Another thing you should know is Astral Travel is perfectly safe, and perfectly normal. Everyone does in naturally we just dont become fully conscious while doing it. Have you ever had a dream of flying or falling? Most likely you where in your astral body and you became slightly conscious where you remember it as a dream. Just remember you are always in control, and you can't help but return safe and sound to your body at anytime. (it's actually harder to stay out exploring, but with practice it will become second nature. )

You should wear loose comfortable clothing or no clothing at all and you should cover yourself with a sheet or light blanket because your body temperature will decrease slightly once your body falls asleep.

Turn off the light, close the curtains, close the door, unplug the phone and if you have roommates (or a family), let them know that you don't want to be disturbed. Make sure that what ever space you are in you feel very comfortable and "safe".

After you have everything prepared, you are now ready to begin by playing the Mystic Traveler brainwave meditation.

Here are a few astral projecting techniques that you should try:

At some point you may start to feel a vibration or a wave taking over your body. This is a sign that your consciousness is about to leave your body. At this point, it is important that you keep focusing on your mantra or emptiness. Your astral body should detach momentarily and your body will have learned how to astral project.

Swing Technique. Remember those swings and how much fun they were when you were a kid?

This technique involves mentally picturing yourself on a swing with your head being the centre of rotation. It is best done while sitting comfortably with your eyes closed.

You need to gradually imagine your body swingly higher and higher until your astral body detaches itself from your physical body.

The Gradual Detachment Technique. This technique is best done lying down. You need to relax your body and mind first. Once you are fully relaxed, focus on your toes until you feel them detaching. Once this is done, then focus on getting the next part of your body detached. Your head should be the last part to detach.

Meditation Technique. Astral travelling while meditating is probably one of the easiest way to leave your body. All you need is a comfortable chair (or floor) and quiet surroundings. The general idea is to progressively relax every part of your body while either focusing on a single thought (mantra) or trying to empty your mind.

Affirmation Technique. The word affirmation probably clued you in. You need to repeat to yourself frequently that you can astral travel. Make sure that you can use the present tense in your affirmation. You can use such affirmations as: "I am ready to astral travel" or "I am going to leave my body now."

The Ringing Ear Technique. This is the technique I orginally used to learn to astral travel. It's a bit uncomfortable for alot of people. Basically you concentrate on the slight ringing in your ears, as you listen for it, it becomes more intense and progressively gets more intense. The more you try to listen to the ringing in your ear, the louder it becomes and at some point it is so intense you can barely stand it. When the ringing becomes almost completely unbareable just hang in there and soon you just pop right out of your body.

Once you are out of your body, this was the hardest part for me in the beginning. I would always get overly excited. You MUST remain calm to stay out of body, the first "woohoo I did it" sends you right back to your body and can be a little frustating. You must practice keeping your excitement level low because it will keep you from projecting.

This is were the specially designed Mystic Traveler Brainwave entrainment becomes so useful. Mystic Traveler creates the perfect mind awake body asleep environment. Use the entrainment for the full 90 minutes to keep your body relaxed and practice keeping your mind alert but in a relaxed way.

Here are some more resources for your Out Of Body - Astral Traveling success.

http://www.astralvoyage.com/ - Good simple techniques
http://www.crystalinks.com/astral.html - several techniques
http://www.sacred-texts.com/bos/bos186.htm - More techniques

Community and tons of techiques and support group.


Listening to "Mystic Traveler" you will be gently guided into a deep relaxed state that will help assist you in having an out of body experience.

Mystic Traveler - Out of Body Experiences

Runtime: 90 Minutes - click to play