Success Meditations

Success MeditationsRelax and breath deeply.

Harmonic Ascensions relaxation series will effortlessly guide into blissful states for relaxtion that will help you to reduce stress.

In today's busy world time is of the essence and by learning to achieve a high level of relaxation you will be better equipped to deal with all the adventures and mis-adventures that life brings your way.



This meditation works best with headphones while relaxing or meditating, you can also just play this meditation in the background while working etc. (not while driving) adjust volume to a comfortable level as the tones can get very intense.

Take 10 fast relax

These sessions are specifically designed to get you in a relaxed state very quickly. "Take 10" will guide you into an alpha session, which is meant for quick relaxation and stress relieving break. This meditation is also very beneficial for light cat naps "power naps", which have been known to help promote healing, higher brain functions, and increased productivity.

Take 10 Relaxation - Find Your Center

Runtime: 10 minutes - click to play

Runtime: 10 minutes - click to play


Harmonic Tranquility

Harmonic Tranquility is designed to be used at anytime but is most helpful when you are feeling stressed out.

This meditation is designed to quickly and deeply relax you. By using Alpha/theta training as well as SMR training near the end, it will give you more control over relaxation in the future, or to enable you to reduce your stress levels without the assistance of brainwave entrainment.

It is an undisputed fact that stress is vastly reduced by alpha/theta training. Studies show that brainwave training is very powerful in stress reduction, and by reducing your stress levels you will become healthier as side effect.


Harmonic Tranquility - All Is Well

Runtime: 15 minutes - click to play